Need help with your reverse osmosis design? We've got you covered!

Need help with your reverse osmosis design? We've got you covered!

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  •  Our Reverse Osmosis Systems are designed to ensure quality and quantity of water that filtered through the permeate spacer as final product.
  • According to the plant location and site characteristics, several considerations have been evaluated in the design of the RO  plant.
  • The cost calculations of the RO plant indicated that the main factors which affect the cost of the produced water are membrane, power consumption, chemical, maintenance cost.

Sample Product


  1. Filmtech Membrane 4040
  2. High Pressure Pump
  3. Electrical Controller: Omron, Siemen or Allen Bradley
  4. Stainless Steel Frame



  • Our services including design, installation and maintenance Reverse Osmosis system, Water Softener and much more related to Water treatment. 

FILMTEC Membranes - System Operation: Record Keeping

The performance of an RO/NF system is influenced by the feedwater composition, feed pressure, temperature and recovery. Send us your RO system parameters such as Ca, Mg, Na, HCO3, SO4, Cl, Temp., Pressure, Flow, Recovery, Pressure drop, Permeate pressure, Permeate get Reverse Osmosis Evaluation

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